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BEER of the MONTH!
Mad Manatee IPA by Bold City Brewery in Jacksonville, FL is this months beer of the month. 

I am not an IPA drinker. Most IPA's are to bitter for me. The past few years breweries have fallen in love with the old school West Coast idea of making IPA's so bitter their beers end up not drinkable by a moderate palate.  I ended up with a six pack of Mad Manatee by mistake. I plucked it off the shelf instead of the intended Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale. I decided to give it a try.

I was very pleasantly surprised.  Mad Manatee has a nice aroma with a hint of citrus. This medium bodies beer tastes great and is balanced well. Best of all, there is not that hard core bitterness that makes some of us slam our throats shut and widen our mouths into a stiff ludicrous horizontal smile showing all of out teeth.

At ABV 5% with its light and refreshing taste, Mad Manatee can be the other beer you should have when you are having more than one. Don't like IPA's? Try Mad Manatee and you may change your mind.  

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​If you are ever near Clark's Summit, PA, make sure and stop at Tully's Sports Bar.  The beer is as cold as I have ever had it, and Tully's team member Ashley is an awesome bartender!
Here's to you Ashley!