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Christmas and the New Year holiday have come and gone. If you didn't get your photo up on 2020's Christmas page, too bad. Send it earlier next year.​  Next up is 2021 and it is time to have fun.  Since there isn't enough time to get a New Years page together with your photos, take a break.  Sure..send a photo of your favorite beer, wine, liquor, or a home made effort you want to brag on, but no theme until February or March. I have not decided yet. Send an email if you have an idea.

Don't forget to state in the email we have permission to post the photo on our site and you took, or own the copyright of, the photo. No porn please. There are other websites for that. 

Until then, Santa is tired. The dude needs a break.  It's time to play 'hide the yule log' with Mrs. Claus. and chill. 
My neighbor, Frank, gave me a couple of jars of homemade eggnog. I can only give thanks to Frank and say, Holy Shit Frank, how much alcohol is in that eggnog?  I had to drink the whole damn jar because I couldn't believe it was so strong. This eggnog could make any 'FlexFuel' automobile run like a top. Frank is a dangerous dude.  Frank's cousin Julie gave us a wine glass and a shot glass for Christmas.  Gotta love that family. They know their audience.