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Show'em if you got'em!
Ladies, I'm sure you're not surprised The Boozeman just adores boobs.  Come to think of it, yep, that includes most everything about women, but we don't have the site space for everything and The Boozebabe does have her limits.  Like most guys The Boozeman is delighted to look down your shirt when you bend down in front of me.  If your guy says he doesn't look, he's not giving you the credit you deserve for knowing he looks.  Why do us guys adore boobs?  Beats me.  I'm sure it's nothing a $50 million dollar five year government study wouldn't uncover.  For now I'll just settle for that's the nature of things.

This page is also your chance to show off the labels you make for your home made wine, beer, or some other fermented delight!

This page has been dedicated to the lovely women and labels from home brewers who wish to strut their..err..uuh..stuff on the BoozeLife website.  

Feel free to send in your picture of your rack or label to and we will add it to our page.  Please include the statement "all images provided were photographed by me and are are my boobs or homemade label and no other entities hold a copyright to the material directly or indirectly."   

Yes, you should be wearing something in some way, wet or otherwise. Photos that include total nudity will not be posted. All the important stuff must be covered.  Wearing booze related gear of your choice A-Okay.  Don't be shy, ask your guy, there's no such thing as a bad boob or unloved label! 
It's no one I know.  It was just too good not to put in.
Now that's what I'm talking about, none better!
Happy Bottles!
Since I may meet her again, I can't say anything low brow.  I'll just say, well, ahh, damn, great tits!