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Like most great ideas, Booze Life started as a simple idea and blossomed into a round table conversation fueled by wine, beer, and spirits as we sat in Jacksonville Florida during one of our many family get together's.  The alcohol aided concepts ranged from the lame, to ridiculous, and somewhat risque like the "Booze & Boobs" contest (suggested by the woman with the nicest boobs of course).  In the end we'll end up some where in the middle.  We'll work out how far is too far as we go along.

The current stage of development is identifying the best products for our customers to represent our national past time best.  We welcome ideas, pictures, and input.  Feel free to e-mail us at for anything you would like to send our way.

Team Booze Life

Driving Today?
Of all places I can be, could be, and should be, on a Saturday afternoon, can anyone think of a better place than the Mi Casa outdoor cafe?
Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.  
Step one of a happy afternoon
Step two of a happy afternoon
Step three of a happy afternoon
There is an incredible order nature has created for us; thus this order becomes "the nature of things".  All things follow the order and the world stays in balance.  The Boozeman's BFF "Halls" knows not to resist natures order.  Stage right Halls shows us how to enjoy a Saturday afternoon hanging out on his deck near DC.------------------------------------>
Halls knows not to fuck with Mother Nature.  The world is in order and the balance is safe.
Zip lining over alligators Shaun?  There couldn't have been any booze involved in that decision no could there?    
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Things are going to get freaky tonight!